From Devastation Comes Creation!


When you drive throughout British Columbia, you can’t help but notice the Mountain Pine Beetle devastation to our forests of Lodgepole, Ponderosa and other pine species. With over 18 Million hectares affected, this has become an epidemic and has affected many Industries including Forestry, Small Business, the Provincial Economy and the Environment.

As one of our main provincial resources, this pine devastation leads to many concerns regarding not only lost business, income and jobs for British Columbia but affects include our air quality, with numerous impacts, forest fire issues and changes to our ecosystem, all of these directly impacting peoples lives!


What most people don’t know is that the effect of the beetle leaves such unique markings inside each piece that it can only be called exotic to British Columbia, Canada. This blue/grey staining throughout the wood grains has been called many names: blue pine, blue wood, blue stained wood, denim wood, denim pine, spotted pine, etc…, but we call it “BeetleWood”!

With the knowledge that, when processed by a certain time, the integrity and strength of this wood has not been affected, British Columbia has a chance to reclaim some of the lost income to these Industries!  By Creating BeetleWood Lumber, BeetleWood Tongue & Groove (T&G) and other BeetleWood products!

BeetleWood Industries of BC Inc. is the leading North American supplier of furniture grade, kiln dried, milled BeetleWood Lumber and T&G (for Flooring and Panelling), used in Commercial and Residential Interior Finishing projects.  Please browse through the Photo Gallery to see some of the amazing finished BeetleWood projects!

BeetleWood Treasurz are finished BeetleWood products created from kiln dried, furniture grade BeetleWood Lumber.  Please browse through our online BeetleWood Boutique Store to purchase select BeetleWood Treasurz!  Not all BeetleWood products (BeetleWood Lumber and T&G (used for Flooring and Paneling)) are sold through the store.  For products not seen here, please call or email our office!

With each piece of BeetleWood sold, you have postively impacted many industries, from logging and mill work to sales and distribution, directly impacting people, families, communities, small business and the environment!

Please call or email to discuss WholeSale pricing and laser engraving.

All pictures of BeetleWood products are merely a representation of the look of BeetleWood, as each piece is unique in its own coloring.


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