BeetleWood Industries began as an idea for a product using “BeetleWood“.  Today, we are the world’s leading supplier of our main product, Lumber, as well as Tongue and Groove (T&G) used for Flooring and Paneling, and our exquisitely (Artisan and Manufacturer) made “Treasurz”, all created from 100% BeetleWood!

Every single purchase of BeetleWood Products contributes to the improvement of the welfare of those affected by the devastation by the Mountain Pine Beetle; families, communities, businesses, environment, forestry and other industries throughout British Columbia and the rest of Canada!

Our Mission is Clear!

To continue maintaining, and expanding, sustainable sources of quality BeetleWood Lumber and Products, making these products accessible to customers at affordable prices while promoting and informing the World of beautiful British Columbia BeetleWood and of the outstanding craftsmanship and creativity of Artisans and manufacturing companies throughout Canada!