Happy New Year!

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Hello Everyone,

As 2015 comes to a close another chapter has ended and a new one begins.

The past year we experienced wonderful growth and support from our customers and clients.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of BeetleWood Industries and look forward to serving you in 2016 with your BeetleWood needs.  We have many new and exciting things happening in 2016 with new product releases and sales on many products.

It is our wish at BeetleWood Industries that 2016 brings peace, love and understanding to a world that presently has had so little!! We must all know that we are all created equal as a human race with many common denominators that makes us brothers and sisters and STEWARDS of Mother Earth.

It does not matter what race, religion or beliefs that we individually have…  We need to collectively work together as one to bring the peace and love to a world in very desperate need of human compassion and understanding.  Simply put LOVE THY NEIGHBOR!


Thank you for sharing and telling 2 friends!

Ronald Chmelyk


BeetleWood Industries

Christmas Shipping still Available!

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Hello Everyone,

November has been a very busy month here at BeetleWood Industries!

Along with creating a lot of work for loggers and mills with Orders for BeetleWood Lumber and T&G (Tongue and Groove used for Flooring and Paneling), the BeetleWood Boutique “Christmas Sale” has been a great success.   At this time, we are still able to meet shipping dates for delivery before Christmas (depending on location) with Orders placed by December 5 (if product is in Inventory).

Watch for new pictures of completed projects and products using BeetleWood and updates to our website, coming soon!

And with snow upon us and the holidays around the corner, we want to wish everyone a safe and fun winter season!

Thank you for telling 2 friends,

The BeetleWood Staff


New Product Release! BeetleWood Living Room Set

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Hello Everyone,

We are excited to introduce the new BeetleWood Living Room Furniture Line!

The picture below shows an amazing red accent.  This modernizes and highlights the unique qualities of BeetleWood and its adaptability to your home or office color scheme!

BeetleWood Living Room Set

Designed and created by Dundalk Leisurecraft!

Available at Log Furniture and More!


Thank you again for telling 2 friends (or more!),

The Staff @ BeetleWood

SPECIAL PREVIEW: BeetleWood Bedroom Suite @ Toronto Fall Home Show!

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Hello Everyone,

In our last post, we shared the Toronto Fall Home Show Event coming up October 1st, 2015 as Ontario’s Log Furniture & More is introducing the New BeetleWood Bedroom Suite!  Please see below for an amazing sneak peak picture of the new set!  Hope you enjoy!


BeetleWood Bedroom Suite

For all details to the Toronto Fall Home Show and Log Furniture & More…



As always, thank you for telling 2 friends about us and our affiliates,

The Staff

BeetleWood Industries

Fall Home Show – Toronto Canada!

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Hello Everyone,


Next week in Toronto, Ontario Canada a bedroom line of BeetleWood furniture is being introduced at the

Toronto Fall Homeshow.   Home + Style Studio Tour

Better Living Centre
Exhibition Place
195 Princes’ Blvd
Toronto, ON
Thursday, October 1 11am – 9pm
Friday, Octobe 2 11am – 9pm
Saturday, October 3 10am – 9pm
Sunday, October 4 10am – 6pm


BeetleWood’s Industries Eastern  lumber distributor and manufacturer Dundalk LeisureCraft and Log Furniture and more will be showcasing the exotic BeetleWood Lumber in a modern furniture look.   BeetleWood Dining Room and Bedroom sets.

So up and coming is this BeetleWood product line that it has been asked to be donated by Dundalk LeisureCraft to the TV series show that helps needy families have a better home. More info to follow!!

We are proud of their generosity in helping this family chosen for this home reno and this generosity should let you know why we are proud to have them as a BeetleWood Industries affiliate distributor serving our clients/customers in eastern Canada and USA.

Thank you from all of us at BeetleWood Industries and stay tuned as we have lots of GREAT NEWS and specials coming!!

We appreciate you telling 2 friends about us and our affiliates!

The Staff

BeetleWood Industries

Welcome Dundalk Leisure Craft

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Hello World,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe summer!  We have been very busy with many new additions to BeetleWood Industries.

We are excited to announce our new BeetleWood Lumber distributor for Eastern Canada, Dundalk Leisurecraft!  Please give them a call or email for your BeetleWood needs in Eastern Canada!




They are not only Eastern Canadian Distributors for BeetleWood Lumber, they are Tommie Award winners, leading the way in rustic furniture design, introducing a new high end furniture line made from British Columbia exotic BeetleWood Lumber!

To see the new BeetleWood Dining Room Set, introduced at the Canadian Furniture Home Show in Toronto this year, please click the link.  http://www.logfurnitureandmore.ca


You can find all this in our new tab Companies Working with BeetleWood, showcasing different companies unique designs and concepts for using BeetleWood.  Have a look at the creativity of Canada’s Talent working with BeetleWood lumber!

Here is the direct link: http://www.beetlewoodindustries.com/companiesworkingwithbeetlewood


Thank you for your continued support and sharing with 2 friends about us and all the creative companies working with BeetleWood Industries.

More additions coming!!


Ronald Chmelyk, President

BeetleWood Industries



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Hello Everyone,

Summer is in full swing,  The first fruit of the season has been harvested and the temperatures are scorchers here in British Columbia  and especially in the Okanagan Valley  . It is one of those years where we are getting early hot temperatures in the 30’s and the beaches are full and the forests are really “DRY”.  

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fun filled safe summer holiday and please remember that if your are camping or exploring mother natures beauty be careful of the DRY FORESTS.

We all enjoy our favorite spots and hideaways each year and it is important as stewards of our special locations that they are there for many years to come for many generations to enjoy!.


New Product Release!!!

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Hi Everyone,

What exciting news we have to share with you!!!

We are happy to introduce the newest Canadian manufactured product made with BeetleWood lumber from BeetleWood Industries.

Premiering  in early June 2015 at the Canadian Furniture Show held in Toronto this is the first product in a new furniture line designed by Dundalk Leisure Craft and now available at link below.

Demonstrating simple design with outstanding craftsmanship and leading the way in the furniture industry being the first in Canada and world to create a line of Furniture made from Exotic British Columbia BeetleWood!!!

Check out the link http://www.logfurnitureandmore.ca/Beetlewood-Dining-Table.html

Congratulations goes out to David and his group on being the leader in your Industry!!




BeetleWood Furniture at Canadian Furniture Show in Toronto this Thursday-Sunday

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Hello Everyone,

What an exciting day for us at BeetleWood Industries as today a furniture line is being introduced at the Canadian Furniture Show held in Toronto, Canada.  From June 4th to June 7, 2015.  Be one of the first to see exotic British Columbia BeetleWood in a manufactured furniture form made by a creative company from Ontario!

Drop by and tell them BeetleWood Industries from The Okanagan Valley sent you for a visit and they will answer your questions and show you the beauty of BeetleWood!

Send us an email with their company name and we will send you a special discount coupon code on all unique gifts from the BeetleWood Boutique Store!

Thank you for your continued support and telling 2 friends!!



End of Earth Week Sale

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Thank you to all who supported our Earth Week Sale 2015!  From our returning customers to all who visited our new store for the first time, we appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving you now and in the future with BeetleWood Lumber and Tongue and Groove products and our unique BeetleWood Treasurz Line!