With each piece of BeetleWood sold, you have postively impacted many industries, from logging and mill work to manufacturing, sales and distribution, directly impacting people, families, communities, small business and the environment!

BeetleWood Lumber

BeetleWood Industries is North Americas leading supplier of kiln dried and milled, furniture grade, interior finishing BeetleWood Lumber and also BeetleWood “Live Edge” products!  We work directly with mills throughout British Columbia to create dimensional lumber as well as customer specific dimensions, sizing and volume.

We also carry some inventory of dimensional and non-dimensional BeetleWood Lumber.


To discuss standard sizing, custom cuts, pricing, volume discounts and shipping for your project or to purchase BeetleWood Lumber




BeetleWood Tongue and Groove

BeetleWood Industries is the only company to manufacture and supply the world with BeetleWood T&G, used for Flooring and Paneling. This one-of-a-kind, kiln dried, locally exotic flooring and paneling is extremely unique, making a beautiful and much talked about product! The Mountain Pine Beetle effect leaves a blue/grey staining throughout the pieces, leaving no two boards the same. When placed for flooring or panelling, the finished product is artistic and like no other in the marketplace!

Product Specifications:

Finish Face Grooves

Flat Face, V-Groove, Micro V-Groove

Finish Face Sizes

3 1/4″ – 4 1/4″ – 5 1/4″ – 7 1/4″

Random Lengths – 2′ to 12′

Tips Regarding Installation!

Recommended Room Placement: Low traffic areas (bedrooms, dens, sitting rooms, etc…)

Recommended Finishing: 2 coats natural (non-yellowing) oil to highlight grains and blue/grey coloring. Then 2 (minimum) top clear (non-yellowing) coats of hard shell finish.

Seasoning/Acclimatizing the T&G pieces for 10-21 days prior to installation at the location allows the pieces to adjust to the humidity of the premises of installation.

Please discuss this with your professional and knowledgable installer.




BeetleWood Treasurz

We are especially proud of our exquisite and unique finished products, “BeetleWood Treasurz”, built with old world craftsmanship, by offering the most original items available from kiln dried, furniture grade BeetleWood. From Home Decor and Wine Accessories to corporate and event gifting, BeetleWood Industries offers everything needed to bring authentic, exotic, British Columbia BeetleWood beauty into your home or business.

We work directly with every artisan and manufacturing company, hand selecting each piece to ensure the highest possible quality and variety for our customers. And, most BeetleWood products can be laser engraved with logo art – ideal for personalized gifts for corporate, events, clubs, anniversaries, weddings, etc!!!

Please call or email to discuss WholeSale pricing and laser engraving.

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Here you will find finished BeetleWood Treasurz in these categories:

Home Decor

Wine Accessories

Office Accessories

For Artisans

By Artisans

Please visit the “Photo Gallery” to view amazing, beautiful, finished BeetleWood Commercial / Residential Interior Finishing Projects!

We are based in the heart of the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada and ship throughout North America and other countries in Trade Agreements with Canada.